Lol, does this still exist?

3 04 2013

Oh hai.


Last Tutorial forever?

15 08 2011


This might be..

the last..



So this nice dude PMed me on Youtube. Got my youtube channel from this site. And was asking for advice and help. (If I was still availible to help)

So, sure why not.

I already posted my secrets 2 posts ago, but it wasnt very informative.

So here’s what I said to him, and this applies to everyone.


Im gonna get to the advice in a minute, but first let me explain what helped me ALOT as a former scripter.
I make maps. I have never released a map, but as a hobby I would do once or twice a month.
I use SourceSDK’s Hammer Editor which is used to make maps.
In Hammer Editor, you basically build a 3D replica of the map. You can create entities and pretty much everything you do in scripting. You can take a script and add it to a map. (Or the other way around. But ofc its limited, what you can do in HL2DM client-side.)
And in Hammer Editor, you can edit your entity using a panel. (
Scroll through that, and look at all the pics.
There is an input/output tab, properties and all that, which is basically a script-maker.
Its hard to explain to someone that has never seen Hammer Editor. (Assuming you haven’t)
Hammer Editor is free to download and is in the “Tools” section. You have to open “Source SDK” and inside is Hammer Editor. I’m not saying to learn how to make a map, I’m just showing something that would help a really confused individual, which you are not, so don’t bother.
But what I am getting to is that, SourceSDK (Software Developers Kit) has an awesome Wiki, which can help a bunch.
Here is the link to it:
That page is the point_tesla page of the wiki. (There is a search bar where you can search for the entity you are trying to create.) It shows all the possible Inputs/Outputs/Keyvalues for the entity.
For the tesla under “Inputs”, it shows “DoSpark” like I said in the tutorial.
“”At the end, you need to enable it, and start it so you’d put.

ent_fire termtesla dospark””
Its really helpful.
Thats all I have. This will be on the website.


If you want to support me, even tho I’m not scripting anymore, subscribe to me on Youtube. I do Minecraft videos. Minecraft is a really cool game (20$).

If you watch the videos and decide to buy it, go ahead and subscribe.


Youtube Channel:

Hello? Who are you.

14 08 2011


I will try to fix the links within the next week. I dont even know if any of them work after the updates or something. I havent even opened HL2DM in months. I would suggest everyone go download TF2 for free. It is free since a month ago. Its amazing, but it requires a good computer.

Jun 18: Hello!

18 06 2011

Its June 18th, I’m off of school, and its 11:29 PM at night.

I do not update this site much at all.

The site still gets the same amount of view as it did about four months ago, which is around 10 views per day.

So, why continue posting? People come here for the tutorials anyway.

I might post some tutorials every once in a while.

I got bored of HL2Dm. I am currently playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent (thats scary), Minecraft, Terraria, and some more.

My tip is to go here: And to type in the search bar what you want to learn.

My point_tesla tutorial is based off of:


Mar 22: Welcome to March

23 03 2011

Welcome to March. Like the new header? Too bad you’ll only see it for about 10 days.

Once or twice a month posting is how its going to be. Nothing new, except that I am starting to make Minecraft videos, if you don’t know what Minecraft is, then look it up, it is an awesome game that I advise you to get, but I don’t think anyone will, because people on Hl2dm don’t usually buy games, hence the game you are playing, which is free.

March Madness has started forever ago. I don’t really follow basketball.

Please check out my video, my age is revealed in the description. Surprised?

Subscribe to my channel, so you’ll know when a new video goes up before I tell you.

Thanks for checking in.

Feb 27: Valve?

27 02 2011


Hey guys. I have heard some people talking about ent_fire being removed.

I first heard it form cpt_flippers (excuse my spelling).

Then I went on Sapphire’s to check, I tryed ‘ent_fire !self color “255 0 0”, and I turned red.

Someone else that was on there said, “Oh, I thought ent_fire was removed”.

I am confused at the moment, and hope they didn’t remove it. I just tested it last night around 10pm, and it worked. If you know what is going on, feel free to comment on this post. I hope I don’t have to close the site, because if ent_fire gets removed, that’s what I will end up doing.Valve keeps changing crap, and we don’t like it, but to each his own.

Nothing will be added for now, because everyone seems happy, and everyone seems to love this site. *Partial sarcasm*

But, if you want something to be added, or if you just want more tutorials, because you completed all the ones on here, and need more to learn, then tell me. I am thinking right now that everyone is happy with what’s on here, and all is good. Still getting views; the site isn’t dead. Still actively checking the site everyday, just not posting.

Prepare for another post this Monday, which is the first of March. (Remember, that I always post on the first of each month.)

I am working on removing the ads on the links, so don’t worry about that at the moment. I see no need for the ads on the links now.

Check back on Monday, and there will be some new announcements that I am saving for then.

Thanks for checking in.

Feb 19: New video made.

19 02 2011

So nothing much has been going on recently. I have a four day weekend this weekend, so I’m happy about that. I made a new video on Youtube, so please check it out. If you haven’t heard the song Grenade, maybe you’ll like it so watch the video, its the song with the lyrics on the screen so check it out.

I haven’t posted in 14 days, which is two weeks, because there isn’t much going on. I don’t even have much to say in this post. This site is mainly for tutorials, and help, and nobody seems to be wanting any help, so the tutorials are the main attraction. If you want any other tutorials, then tell me, otherwise, two posts a month. I have been basically busy on PrizeRebel the whole week. I have gotten forty dollars, which is amazing, because I only had to submit information, which I don’t care, because I have a trick to it. I am so happy I got 40 dollars from that, and I dont mind sharing this site with you guys, because they are just going to get better if they become more popular. Again, email me if you want to get started with that site, and I can share the trick if you want. Here is the link for the site.

Please check it out. If you aren’t in the USA, then you shouldn’t bother, because you only can use it if you are in Australia, USA, Canada, or the United Kingdom, and if you are in Australia, Canada, or UK, then it doesn’t work as well for you and you get alot less money then if you are in USA. Sorry.

And the video I made link is here, please check that our too.